June 25, 2024 - ÚŃČí

Our Mission

The management have always been geared towards satisfying the customers growing demands for a service that answers their specific requirements. High product quality and production responsiveness have always been the defining characteristic of the industry, called upon to operate in a high-competitive market.
Versatility, rapidity and punctuality of supplies shown by the ELHOSSARY Compounds Division continue to confirm the value at choices: an increasingly-efficient logistics service and excellent product quality are the reasons behind the company’s growth and position at the cutting edge of the market. The very same reasons for which the company has always adopted a stringent Quality System, certified in 2009 for conformity to the standards required by SGS ISO 9001 - 2008. Today the productive structure has an area of over 8000 sq m.
From the start the company adopted advanced techniques in research and development of its products and expanded its capabilities through the implementation of new technologies.