June 25, 2024 - عربي

PVC Compounds

Finproject Industries produce PVC plastic materials in various granular formats: rigid and plasticised PVC, in both compact and expanded versions, and formulated if required with phthalate-free plasticising agents or special silver ion sanitisation additives. Since 2013, the range of foam products has been enhanced with the special PVC Dry Blend and the rigid C-PVC-based compound, which has better thermal, softening and flame resistance properties than standard PVC.

Offering a huge range of compounds used in numerous sectors of application, including extrusion, die-moulding and blow-moulding, the Finproject Compounds Division is a valuable partner for customers working in the various polymer product categories and foam products, including electrical cables, door and window fixtures, tubes, pipes, seals and gaskets, rigid and soft edging strips for furniture, footwear, plastic bottles and plastic containers, to mention just a few.