June 25, 2024 - عربي

El Hossary EVA

ELHOSSARY Compounds Division developed a new range of compounds, including ELHOSSARY EVA. ELHOSSARY EVA is a brand-new type of granule with a modified EVA base, designed for the production of expanded reticulated articles by injection technology. Its defining characteristic is the combination of a low-density compound (0.1 - 0.35 g/cm3) with good physical and mechanical properties (abrasion DIN 53516/77, 90/200 mm3) and excellent tactile appearance (hardness 25-50 Sha) and ECO-Compatible.
ELHOSSARY Compounds granules can be supplied to the specific requirements of the customer, in various degrees of hardness, density and color. This compound is suitable for a range of applications: from shoe soles and midsoles, slippers, boots and wheels, through to toys, packaging and soundproofing material, motorcycle helmets, swimming pool decks or office chairs.